Monday, April 2, 2007

Sponsorship Opportunities

Support JUNK's message across the Pacific

We are seeking like-minded partnerships to support our Message in a Bottle project, a 3-part campaign to bring public attention to plastic debris. Though our current phase, JUNK is underway, we are still seeking sponsors to bring the raft and its sailors home, and to continue generating media/public awareness.

In addition to mention on our site, recognition at our Hawaii and Los Angeles events, media recognition, and other PR benefits, we will display company logos on JUNK's sail for the voyage into Honolulu. (We will bring these out to JUNK 24 hours before the Oahu arrival)

To discuss sponsorship opportunities, contact annacummins at


Charles McCarthy said...

This is a good idea.

Anonymous said...

Government, Government, Government, Government, Government, Government.
Quit beating around the bush.
The word Government is self explanatory.
Force them to do their job properly. Force Governments to do their jobs properly.
I do not think it will ever happen.
Doing things properly is expensive.
Doing things improperly is expensive in the long run. We can just turn our backs, drag our feet and pass the trash on to the future for someone else to worry about. Force governments to do their jobs properly period. Good Luck!!!!

Julia Genatossio said...

Monsoon Vermont giving you a shout out! Plastic is a sad legacy and we love what you are doing. We have to say this though; there is a huge lazy movement going in the United States that encourages folks to send their used non-recycle-able plastics to them(Tetracycle). They will ship the non-recyclable plastics to MEXICO-to have underpaid workers sew the plastic into goods.
PLEASE please please- STOP thinking ideas like TETRACYCLE are good ones. How disingenuous.
Tetracycle just alleviates the burden of producers and users of non-reclable plastics (Stoneyfield Yogurt) to change their business practices.
Now, 'eco-business' men like Gary Hirshberg can explain how his company's non-recyclable plastic packaging is OK.

It is not OK. Look at the ocean, look at the landfills. This is a small planet Mr. Hirshberg, Mr Unilever, Mr Oreo packet, this is a very, very small planet and your plastic packets are now apart of our bodies, our fish, our meat, our water and we can not bare the environmental impact anymore.
While you warm your toes on your solar electric heated radient floorboards, we are slowly killing the planet that hosts our very existance.

Polar Bears aren't the only ones drowning from under the weight of environmental degradation, human beings-we are also marching toward the list of endangered species list.

Monsoon Vermont buys trash from scavengers who pull the packets from landfills and waterways---that is helping the environment and creating viable livlihoods.

Please, don't think using non- recyclable plastic is ok because you are SHIPPING it to New Jersey-where they then SHIP it to Mexico for repurposing into retial goods.
Americans, we can do better than this. Put down the plasic. If Stoneyfield Yogurt won't offer us reusable glass containers-like we use to do with soda bottles, screw their Green Washing.
The 'Green Movement' needs to be a genuine effort to heal the planet. Maybe it doesn't feel cute and pretty, doing without plastic is hard.
But we notice our plasitc-less existance is beautiful. Stone crockery, pottery, glass-the aesthetics sink in in daily life. You'll honestly feel lovlier.
C'mon all, get on board.