Saturday, March 29, 2008

JUNK gets some local press

Our first writeup in the Long Beach Press-Telegram - reporters were on hand Thursday afternoon to see the spectacle of an old Cessna Fuselage deposted on the Aquarium's front lawn.

On Thursday, Marcus and Joel picked up the fuselage - what will be their dwelling place for a month and a half - from an airplane boneyard in Palm Dale.

After an arduous two hour effort loading the 400 pound relic in the sweltering desert heat, the plane was safely delivered to the Aquarium. Next week, were hoping to pick up our first van full of plastic bottles from the Burbank Recycling Center.

Let the building begin....... Read more!

JUNK to be built at Aquarium of the Pacific!

We're thrilled to announce that the Aquarium of the Pacific has generously offered a space on their front lawn to build "Junk", our plastic bottle raft!

As an added educational opportunity, the Aquarium invited AMRF to display "Fluke", another plastic bottle craft built by Dr. Marcus Eriksen, with students from the Environmental Charter High School. The image here shows Marcus and Aquarium staff in front of Fluke.

With daily visits to the Aquarium of 6,000-7,000 thousand people, this venue will provide tremendous visibility for the project, as well the opportunity to share AMRF's research with the public.

Special thanks to Dr. Jerry Schubel, President and CEO, Erica Noriega, Special Events Manager, and Michael Kent, Manager and Security, for their time, and valuable partership. Read more!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Message in a Bottle

Building on the tremendous momentum of our recent voyage across the North Pacific Gyre, The Algalita Marine Research Foundation is planning another epic sailing journey from Los Angeles back to Hawaii....

On a raft built of 20,000 plastic bottles.

The journey is part 2 of a 3-phase project to raise awareness about the mounting issue of plastic debris in the ocean:

PART 1: A 4,200 mile Trans-Pacific voyage aboard the ORV Alguita, to research plastic marine debris;

Building a boat dubbed "Junk" out of 20,000 plastic bottles, and sailing from Los Angeles to Hawaii; (image here shows an earlier raft, "Plastic Poison", built by Dr. Eriksen with volunteers from Turning the Tide in Juneau, Alaska)

PART III: Riding/rafting from Vancouver to Mexico on two amphibious bikes, to give presentations and distribute ocean samples relating to plastic debris.


Here we are, from left to right: Joel Paschal, Dr. Marcus Eriksen, and Anna Cummins.

Marcus and Anna met Joel aboard the ORV Alguita, on our journey from Hawaii to Los Angeles, through the North Pacific Gyre.

Dr. Eriksen is AMRF Director of Research and Education, Anna works as Education Adviser for AMRF, as well as running Bring Your Own, and Joel, former NOAA marine debris researcher/diver, is heading up the raft construction and coordinating our footage. Yes, a documentary may be in the works...... Read more!