Sunday, May 4, 2008

Junk hit the water!!

After exactly 2 months of round the clock hustle and bustle, Junk is finally in her element, floating in the Long Beach Aquarium's adjacent marina.

All photos: ©Peter Bennett
Getting her into the water was a Herculean feat - requiring the muscle of about 14 people, including several unsuspecting onlookers who were cajoled into lending a hand....

Thanks to some impressive management by Marcus and Joel, what looked like an impossible task went off without a hitch.

Piece by piece, the frame, pontoons, and airplane were loaded onto a trailer, towed to the marina, and heaved and hauled to the waters edge.

Junk now sits in the water, looking for the first time like a bona fide boat. Much work remains to make her seaworthy - fine tuning, equipping, and provisioning, but the most challenging hurdles are now behind us.

Save for the obvious one.......the voyage itself.

As the launch date approaches, interest in the project grows exponentially. In the last few weeks alone, Marcus has been filmed and interviewed for Planet Green's Supper Club, Mario Van Peebles show "Mario's Green House", The Sundance Channel's The Green, Peter Greenberg Worldwide, city radio in Portland Oregon, and a Swedish TV channel. KNBC will also be featuring the project in an upcoming episode of their show Going Green.

Here's Marcus chatting plastic with Van Peebles at a recent Friends of the LA River event.

Mark your calendars for Sunday June 1st at the Long Beach Aquarium, details to come.

*Thanks to Peter Bennett from Ambient Images for the tremendous professional photos. Peter will hopefully be lending his photography skills for upcoming Junk events.

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