Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Go fish, come wind!

July 15th

For 5 weeks we’ve clawed our way from the coastal wind and currents of North America, to find ourselves completely becalmed. For three days we made a figure 8 track within a 10 x 10 mile box northwest of 23N lattitude and 123W longitude. Go figure. No.. go fish! Here's a clip of our recent Mahi adventures, esp. for those inquiring about our nutrition situation:

We hadn't seen any fish for two weeks, but sit still for a few days and somethings bound to show up. Each day we saw a Mahi Mahi appear, and each day we caught and ate it. Sashimi, broiled fillet, coconut curry, and with the 3rd and final catch, I made jerky. We’ve got enough fish jerky hanging in the cabin to feed us for two months, and it’s rather aromatic too.

But fortunately those becalmed days are gone. Two days ago Joel was swimming across the mirror-like surface of the water. Suddenly a puff of wind blew across the deck. “Hey Joel,” I yelled. “Looks like we got some wind.” Quickly the mizzen sail spun around and the ocean surface grew ripples. “I guess I ought to come back,” Joel replied. We raised the spinnaker and headed due west. We haven’t stopped. In 48 hours we’ve traveled more than 90 miles. We’re in the East Tradewinds! Only 1850 miles to Hawaii. Stay with us.


Fossil Fool said...

Livin' large! Had a chance to plug the JUNK voyage on a KALW show about increasing consumption of bottled water. The host and guest were familiar with your voyage. I wish I'd checked the blog before calling in as I would have relayed the news about the Mahi Mahi catch and your slow progress west. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

I'm concerned that publicity about your voyage will lead to higher consumption of bottled mahi-mahi.

Barkley said...

Hey Joel I submitted your story and a link to the Junk blog on current.com along with a picture of junk. I hope it generates some interest and donations. You guys keep up the good work.


p.s. nice job on pokin da Mahi!

Leah B said...

Where are you going to land? I want to be sure to be there to congratulate you!

Anna said...

To Mendocino:

Thanks! Every little but helps. I spent last summer in Philo working as Claudia Springs Winery. Tell Bob and Claudia "Hi" for me if you evet go by the tasting room.


To Toby:

Thanks bro. We're picking up speed. 4-5 more weeks. I can taste the ahi poke and stienlager already.


Talal Mohamed said...