Tuesday, July 29, 2008

JUNK flying along, launch revisited

As of 9:30 tonight, JUNK was forging ahead at top speeds (relative, of course), possibly making today another record mileage day. Last night, she hit record speeds - 3.2 knots - a 58 mile day.

I asked Marcus how JUNK performs at high speed. Other than some new and strange bottle crunching noises, she apparently does just fine!

With the half-way mark now passed, heres a great reminder of why we're doing this, put together by our amazing friend and media savior Randy Olson.

And here is the rest of it.


Sherry said...

Wow, thats amazing. Props to you all for taking a step up to make people more aware of the litter we all make. Its always so sad to see photos of garbage everywhere, stuck to sea animals. Everyone needs to take a little more care of their surroundings and walk five feet to the nearest trash can instead of tossing things onto the ground for someone else to pick up.

sugenk said...

I can't believed, sailing over the sea with the JUNK bottle?

anyway, Indonesia have many sea
From Indonesia.

Irish_pixie23 said...

Good Luck!! Can't wait to see you guys land here in Hawaii! I think its a great cause!!!

Petrea said...

Amazing! Congratulations on being a Blogger Blog of Note. (With good reason.) My household used to use the plastic bottles. No more. It's all aluminum now.

Anonymous said...

Joel and Marcus,
I thought you would like to keep up with the "happenings" in Congress, they have moved to ban phthalates from toys - July 29 headlines

Sara said...

I love your blog. It's defintely a favorite. You are a great role model.

Comment on my blog?


kathleen duey said...

Great idea. Incredible that you are actually doing it. I will forward the blog to everyone I know. Take care and have an amazing journey. I am nearly plastic-free. You have inspired me to get rid of the rest.

yay, you.

Angela said...

Congratulations on passing the halfway mark! I just met with Morgan in Haleiwa today about plans to welcome you to Hawai'i and promote the cause. I'd be happy to help with any video post-production needs to get clips out for network coverage etc.

au said...

What an interesting idea!