Monday, July 21, 2008


A few posts back, we heard about Marcus and Joel patiently stalking - and then stocking - some fresh Mahi Mahi. After eating their fill, they decorated JUNK with strings of Mahi Jerky, using every available's Marcus to tell you all about it.

And now, a few responses from Marcus and Joel to some recent blog comments:

Don Geagan and everyone,

Thanks you and everyone for your well wishes as we make our way across the Pacific. Everyday is a challenge. The first thing we do each morning is to make sure nothing is falling apart. This morning we patched a hole in one of the pontoons that had been sawing against a mast all night long. No bottles lost.
What makes all of this easier to deal with is the feedback from home. It would be a much different voyage without your support. We recognize that this project is a huge team effort. We've had amazing sponsorship from business and private donors. A steady stream of volunteers helped every day to construct the raft. Anna Cummins, our blogwriter, keeps us in the loop and maintains an awesome blog site. Captain Charles Moore, of the Algalita Marine Research Foundation, keeps us informed of storms and predicts our progress using current models. We just get to be the lucky sailors on the raft.
Thank you for your kind support. It means everything to us.

Marcus and Joel


Sorry your wind generator is giving you trouble. Tell Jody to smear 3M-5200 over the wires, then drop it in the ocean, tangle some fishing line in it while it's spinning, then let a couple more wires catch fire in the cockpit. That ought to fix everything. It worked for us.


Leah B.

We're landing in Alawai Harbor at the public dock if the winds and waves allow us to stay north of the 21st parallel. Please stay in touch with our blog. We'll have more details when we get closer.

Thanks for getting in touch.


Patty W said...

Hmmm. I think it may be time for you to come home now, Marcus.

Bella said...

Joel - the jerky sounds tasty. But your new facial hairdo looks even tastier. Keep sane out there...Ciao from Bella.

Jesse in Michigan said...

Marcus, you are insane. Dennis and I cannot believe what your doing but we hope you have a good, safe trip. See you when you return.