Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Kudos from AMRF Board members

The Board members of the Algalita Marine Research Foundation would like to acknowledge the tremendous achievements of Dr. Marcus Eriksen and Joel Paschal, now one month into their journey across the Pacific Ocean on JUNK.

This ambitious mission to bring Algalita’s research on plastic debris to a wider audience has already been a success, as evidenced by coverage in numerous media channels – most recently a wonderful piece in the LA Times.

For the past ten years, Algalita has been leading the charge to research, quantify, and communicate the ecological impacts of plastic pollution on the marine environment. We are now working to expand our research to identify the manner in which plastic impacts our marine environment with greater specificity.

The Board is pleased to see that the JUNK expedition is bringing public attention to our research findings -- effective communication is key to our foundation’s success. Joel and Marcus, we stand behind your inspiring efforts with pride, and send you our best wishes for a safe and speedy return.


AMRF Board of Directors.

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Rick Hart said...

I'm sorry I missed the article in the times. Thanks for the link to it here.

I'm glad to see that the media is still watching and writing about Junk's journey and purpose.

Happy Fourth of July everyone. We're going to have some canned beans in honor of Dr. Eriksen and Joel's feast while at sea.

We're pledging a no plastic weekend. Is anybody else with us?

Rick Hart