Sunday, August 24, 2008

Final JUNK PSA and arrival details

PSA #8 from JUNK: Solving The Problem:

As for the arrival:

JUNK will be pulling into the Ala Wai Fuel Dock at around 10:00 am, Wednesday the 27th, to what we hope will be a wonderful welcoming. All are invited! Give a call Tuesday if you want more exact arrival times: 310-998-8616

After a few days of rest, showers, fresh food, and reconnecting with their land legs, JUNK's crew will join Surfrider, The Nature Conservancy, The Kokua Foundation, and others at Sunset on the Beach, for music, activities, booths, food, and a word or two from JUNK (and perhaps Roz!)

Also on the program is an evening event at the Hawaii Yacht Club on September 3rd, with slides and tales; a press conference with Roz Savage and her Brocade on September 4th at the Waikiki Aquarium, and a North Shore party Saturday September 6th at Kainoa's Bar.

Details to come - hope to see you on Wednesday!


Anonymous said...

Is that the fuel dock at the Ala Wai Boat Harbor?

Your Teacher said...

Wish I could be there, but flying all that way would kind of go against what you are raising the awareness of.

Michael G. said...

Congratulations, fellas!! Looking forward to celebrating your mission and helping with the next endeavor.

Big ups!!

Mike G Mc

Dagny said...

Good luck on the journey. You're spreading a really important message!

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Maki said...

Holy Cow!!! You guys will be there tomorrow!! I wish I still lived in the island - I miss Hawaii so much. I'm moving back next year, but I really wanted to be there for your arrival.. Can't wait to see your celebration - enjoy your salad and cold beer!!!

maryannb27 said...

Way to go men! I'm proud to know you Mark. Have fun. MA

Honky D said...

Very cool! As it happens, my wife-to-be and I will be in Hawaii in a few weeks for our honeymoon. We'd love to see your awesome ship. Will you be visiting the big island at all? How long will you be there?

Congratulations and nice job!

john said...

On behalf of AMRF, I bid you welcome and the heartiest of congratulations on the completion of your most intrepid and incredible voyage....get some rest guys and re-connect with the land and we look forward to seeing you soon in Long Beach, Ca. from whence it all began....again, we are all grateful for your safe arrival and wish you all the best...AMRF, John M.Fentis, President

beachgal said...

Absouluely amazing guys! You will always be heros and a huge inspiration to me. Your whole journey is like a fairy tale, meant to happen, reading like a book. I hope you intend to write one, of your adventure, if not drop me a line I would love to be apart of writing it. You should be proud, I will remember your guys tales forever!!!! Beachgal