Friday, August 1, 2008

JUNK - the 411

The last few posts have focused on fish, squid, sail speeds, and general sanity. Bringing it back to the mission:

Here's a reminder of why JUNK - why two men cast themselves to the wild seas on a pile of junk, enduring fish and granola for breakfast, and only one another's company for several months:


Anonymous said...

how do you put a youtube video on your post? I have been trying to figure it out but I guess I am not smart enough!

beachgal said...

Guys, you are amazing!!! On the map you truly are half way, hope you had tha mac and cheese, jerky and calamari feast to celebrate. Both of you will surley be blessed in life for the trip you are doing, but we all we will be better off!!!! Keep the faith, you are almost there. Beachgal

Brad & Alicia said...

This is a wonderful thing. After watching a show showing all that plastic in lil albatross bellies. I have been trying to not buy things in plastic and re-use the items I am forced to buy. I think we should all promote more ways to buy in "bulk" style. Bringing re-usable packaging to stores along with bringing our re-usable shopping bags.

Lai said...

nice blog

prasoon said...

hey.......nice work,
u r promoting a good cause

The Mad Celt said...

Amazing, cool, right on! I'm informing everyone I know about your endeavors. I wish you both much success and look forward to your updates.

Peace and joy...Dale (The Mad Celt)
"Musings of a Mad Celt"

bebek said...

youre amazing

Jessica said...

and here I am thinking the 30 Day No-Trash Challenge is gonna be hard! you guys are awesome...hope to see you once you make it to hawaii!

Wallace J. Nichols said...

keep it up guys!

by the way, you're right in the loggerhead sea turtle swimway between Baja and Japan. Adelita's track and your route are very similar...check it out here:

Any sightings of sea turtles are welcome news...and check for tags!



Anonymous said...

I live in Seattle and our mayor and city council just voted to impose a 20 cent tax on all plastic bags and voted to ban all styrofoam food containers.

This is a start. Thanks again to you brave "plastic sailors" for dramatizing the problem with plastic in our oceans.

Curt in Seattle

VPXL said...

is good!