Sunday, August 10, 2008

Savage encounter!?

For a few weeks now, we’ve been trying to orchestrate a marine meeting with Roz Savage an incredibly daring British adventurer who is also crossing the Pacific....IN A ROWBOAT!

Roz’s story is an inspiration to all. Though she had, for all intents and purposes achieved success - a stable, high paying job, a house, a dog, and a picket white fence, Roz found her self strangely unhappy. So she ditched the whole package to pursue a dream, and in 2006, became the first woman to row across the Atlantic. Now 2 years later, Roz is 3 months into her next challenge, a solo row across the Pacific. Amazing.

Many months ago, Roz contacted Algalita, as her mission is also to bring attention to the plastic debris issue. There was talk then of somehow linking up, but the discussion was lost in the flurry of preparations, to say nothing of the seeming impossibility of meeting up “somewhere in the middle of the Pacific”. It would be a miracle. And yet...

Their respective coordinates for the past few weeks showed Roz and JUNK on a similar course. Map here, courtesy of Michael, shows their proximity. Two days ago, JUNK was a mere 20 miles away. And yesterday the two boats were finally able to chat on the satellite phone, after numerous attempts through Roz’s wonderful mother Rita. Marcus and Joel thought they’d likely pass Roz sometime Sunday evening or Monday morning.

We’re now on pins and needles, awaiting the news. Though they are close, the difficulty of maneuvering two unusual rigs with limited navigability amidst sizable swells is no joke.

An at sea encounter would be a huge blessing for both. Not only could they exchange key survival supplies - a watermaker for Roz, and some snacks for JUNK - the human contact would be a godsend. Roz hasn’t seen a soul since she set forth on May 26th, while Marcus and Joel have only had one another for company. God knows some delightful female energy would do wonders for their spirits!

Stand by and think good thoughts for a Savage - JUNK reunion. This would be an incredibly cool happening.
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jeanne gallagher said...

Joel and Marcus.

What a crowning achievement this would be....double whammie!!!! I hope it of those precious moments in time. Too bad Kaz Sunderland isn't in the proximity....I'm sure he is well south of you. Hurrahs to Roz. Joining that elite high adventure club. Excelsior!!!!

Now's the time to rub your Kohola, Joel.

Blowing temperate winds your way,

Love Jeanne

Maki said...

This story is just amazing. I'm huffing and puffing with little things in this world when there are these amazing adventurers who are trying to make a difference in the world by doing unblieveable things in the ocean. It would be awesome if we get to see when Junk and Roz unite in the ocean!!! Definitely a Standing ovation moment!!

Jerry Critter said...

Do you mean Zac?

Jim Bell's Blogs said...

Found out about you blokes from Roz Savages blog.
Good on you keep working to spread the message.
Jim Bell. (Australia)
PS Hope you manage to meet with Roz.

Dan Collyer said...

Wow sound like it will be a massive adventure. I had watched a report a few months ago about a couple of Australian Guys crossing the Tasman. I was amazed to see the effort Roz Savage is putting for such a long haul!
Below is a link to her video blog and a link to a few more of her video blogs. A really interesting watch!

I hope you enjoy her story as much as i did!


Markus Bennett said...

Ahoy Marcus, Joel and Anna!
I am a loyal Roz Savage supporter, and she has been blogging about meeting up with you recently, and well--I'm very excited to see this save the oceans endeavor, turn into a party--no doubt more people will show up very soon. Keep up the amazing spirit of healing and adventure--also, you will never look at peanut butter the same, ever again. If you remember, say "Ahoy" to Roz from Markus and Eleanor Bennett. I will be following your blog with much interest from here on out. Moderate tail-winds to you, Markus