Monday, August 18, 2008

The home stretch!

We crossed 500 two days ago, 400 this afternoon, and we expect to arrive in Honolulu in 8 more days. It definitely feels like the home stretch now. Maintenance is still paramount, but new projects are off the table. There are only standing watches and passing time left to do. We still drag the marine debris trawl behind us. Still, every sample is filled with small fragments of plastic debris.

Today, to celebrate the 400 mark, we had cheesecake. We've been hording a stock of freeze dried food that was given to us on the dock before we departed by a Dave, a volunteer for the project. "You might need these." Two and a half months later, you were absolutely right. And of course, thanks to Roz Savage we are enjoying a delightful assortment of dehydrated meals and Larabars. We often wonder where she is right now.

As I close this email there are 383 miles to go. At 1.7 knots, we should be enjoying pizza soon.

Meanwhile, plans are coming together for a wonderful arrival celebration, in collaboration with Roz Savage. Details to come for all the Hawaii folks.


Anonymous said...

Yayaaaa.... Great Job!

Joel, the Marietta College folks would love to talk with you when you get here! And I'll make you a FRESH cheesecake when you come!

Sophie has been watching videos of Uncle Joel on JUNK... she is reducing her use of plastic sippy cups!

Love, Ali, Clay & Sophia

Anonymous said...

Joel and Marcus,
The long journey is winding down and your message has reached countless people. Even out here in inland California. I can only say thank you for bringing attention to this tragic occurance that has happend to our oceans. I can't wait to hear the stories or hell even read the book which I am sure is in the works. Let us know when you plan to make your trek across the country, brining the message to the masses of people that need to realize that their actions locally will have a global effect. Joel maybe you can cook up some squid and Marcus wont have such a tough time of it next time. Within a couple of days or maybe sooner you will see land. I know you guys probably already know it but you will pass by the tallest sea cliffs in the world on the north shore of Molokai and you will sail right over the penguin Banks which has awsome fishing. Aloha, Brendan

iheartguts said...

hooray, so glad to know you guys are closing in on land! we will send psychic leis to hawaii and look forward to feeding you two lots of greenery.

Evan Rapoport said...

Thank you for what you're doing to bring attention to perhaps the biggest unknown ecological disaster in the world. Will there be any events in Hawaii to bring attention to your voyage and its findings? It would also be great if you'd speak at schools about your experiences!

Gene said...

you're not reading Roz' blog? :-)

last update, she says "Position at 2100 17th August HST, 0700 18th August UTC: 22 38.295'N, 150 02.297'W."

Maki said...

I've only been following you guys for the past three weeks or so, and yet, I've learned so much about our beautiful ocean that's been neglected by all of us human beings. Thank you times millions for all you've done for us!!! Joel and Marcus, the last stretch may feel the longest journery, but you guys are almost there!!! I miss my home Hawaii and I'm 120% positive you'll be welcomed with big ALOHA!!! Enjoy the cheesecake!!!

John said...

Last indication was Roz was 77 miles due east of you.

Judy said...

Thrilled to find this blog. You are making an enormous statement. e can just hope that your research and story will add weight to our determination to clean up this world.

Judy P in Lawrence kansas