Friday, August 8, 2008

Kamikaze squid = Mahi meal

August 7th
We’re 825 miles from Honolulu. Joel just made a grab for a piece of tangled fishing line floating under the raft. We’re now having to take turns at the helm as we sail downwind and the wind picks up. The morning sun brought 30 knot winds and endless whitecaps across the horizon.

Yesterday was more calm, a chance to hang out on deck. While Joel stood on top of the fuselage, a dozen small squid leapt 8-10 feet out of the sea. One smacked Joel in the chest. He promptly ate it. The rest we used as bait, and soon reeled in a Mahi Mahi. It bought us two meals, a bit of insurance against our dwindling supplies. We’ve got just enough food to make it home.
And here is the rest of it.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that fresh fish 'n squid is on the menu! Bon Appetite!

Just out of curiosity: What do you guys plan to do with all of the bottles and assorted plastic materials used to build the Junk raft once you reach Hawai'i?

Curt in Seattle

Maki said...

Mahi Mahi~~~~~!!!! Yum yum.. How do you guys prepare the fish on the raft? That's great you can have it fresh out from the ocean :) BTW, do you guys ever get sea sick? It's almost there - I hope you guys will have a smooth sail to Honolulu!

Guzel said...

Yey Marcus, Joel and Anna! Thank you for inspiring and educating us all!

Looking forward to your return!
Much love,

Anonymous said...

Joel and Marcus, this is the journey of a lifetime. I am glad to see the journey closing in on the end. I understan that it really isn't the end though the message has spread like wildfire of marine debris. As you close in on the islands the fishing will get only better, if you can try to pass by FAD buoys (fish agrrigate devices) there will be plenty of fish there ONO, AHI you name it. I also have another idea for the both of you if you have rechargeable flashlight shine it in the water at night it will bring squid right to the boat. Aloha- fair winds and following seas. Brendan

loraxxmrf said...

You are awesome Marcus! Yippee you are almost there, incredible! My thoughts and prayers are with you each for smooth waters and a successful conclusion to your adventure.

Dan Estabrook said...

Hey - I ran a feature on you all today at TONIC News Network and would love to interview you via email or phone. Would it be possible to do so! You guys are AMAZING!

Dan Estabrook

ldrobb said...

Happy Bday Marcus!!! We can't wait to hear your tales of the sea. May the wind blow steadily at your back until you touch shore.


Lynn (and Patrick)

reygie said...

squid tastes good....

davidgaudin said...

Hey Brother. Happy B-Day old man. Glad to see you guys can get some excitement with the fishing. You're almost there. Hope everything stays intact for the home stretch. Go Junk GO!!


PS Kim and I now have nice Klean Kanteens. No more plastic!!

Anonymous said...

that squid must of had some aim with joel having that bird chest and all

good luck, nick paschal