Monday, August 11, 2008

JUNK gaining on Roz

The two Pacific voyages have yet to rendezvous, but getting closer......JUNK and Roz are in communication every few hours, trying to pinpoint one another's coordinates. Here's their latest, tracked by Michael on Kaua'i.

Hoping they meet soon - Roz's extra Larabars have got to beat the raw squid Marcus and Joel tried the other day. Seems Joel has a tougher stomach or a more experimental palate than Marcus.....

And here is the rest of it.


Barkley said...

Yeah Joel grinding the raw squid!

Maki said...

I'm getting sooo excited!! Can't wait for THE MOMENT!!!!! Good Luck, guys!!!

A very proud Jeanne said...

Joel, left a voicemail for you guys this morning. I called everyone I know. Algalita folks are ecstatic. For Roz to have turned back toward you. Wowee! The sun, moon, stars and planets were all in alignment AND the wind and sea spirits inviting and benevolent. I'll just bet they enjoyed your JUNK dinner party as much as you guys's cosmic, to say nothing of hard work to make it happen.

Wish I had been there. This is a topper to tell your grandkids. HA.

with much love and admiration


Alaskan Allen said...

Wondering if anyone had talked with the folks at google earth to see if they could put the garbage patch on their product? Might help get the awareness out there.