Saturday, June 28, 2008

South by Southwest

June 28th, Somewhere....southwest

In fact, the images below show more or less exactly where JUNK was 2 days ago, according to the NOAA tracking buoy on board.....

Our bearing is consistently between 190 and 210 degrees, at about 1knot of speed. Averaging 25-30 mile days, we are clawing our way away from North America. The wind and current want to send us to Panama, which wouldn’t be all that bad, but we have other plans. Maybe we should ask nicely.

A few days ago, on June 25th, we had a very close encounter off the coast of Guadalupe.

The morning breeze was sending us down the eastern side of the Island. Then at the southeastern point the wind died. A few minutes later, the wind quickly turned around and began blowing us toward the island. For the next 8 hours we performed a 4-mile diameter loop, returning to the same dreadful spot close to the jagged coastline. As dusk approached, we picked up speed and began rushing toward land. “This could be the end of JUNK!” we said, as we packed our dry bags with essential gear, like radios, GPS, satellite phones, sleeping bags and a handheld water-maker. The next few hours we sat on pins and needles watching the coastline come closer and the wind teasingly bend south. Eventually, we skirted south and picked up speed to two knots.

We asked for an adventure.....

We’re now three days beyond Guadalupe, heading South-southwest. The trade winds are ahead to pull us west, rather than the coastal current to pull us east. Either way, JUNK will sail for another month or two in an effort to bring plastic trash in the sea to a broader audience. Hope you’re enjoying the ride as much as we are.


Shankar Wolf said...


iheartguts said...

wish we could stand on the shores of baja and blow you west a little. where's the world's largest hair dryer when you need it?

Rick Hart said...

Glad to hear you made it past Guadalupe Island. My friend told me you might be in trouble.

We're all pulling for you and wish you both smooth sailing.

FYI - Whole Foods Market will no longer be using plastic bags for groceries. Every little bit helps! Now if we can just get some more places to do that...

Good Luck,
Rick Hart