Sunday, June 15, 2008

Junk heading South!

Two wonderful updates from JUNK:

They are making Southwesterly progress -- AND no one has lost their lunch yet.

8:00 pm June 15th: Junk has made its way to Bishop's Rock, an underwater peak near the infamous Cortes Bank, roughly 100 miles West of San Diego, and 40 miles Southwest of San Clemente.

Equally uplifting was the news that neither Marcus nor Joel had suffered any seasickness yet. On our last voyage, both were especially prone.....

Though the swells in the last few days have ranged from 4-8 feet (10-15 the week before), JUNK seems to float right on top of the waves, and somehow absorbs much of the potential heaving motion.

Here's Marcus working on an art project involving a spoon, while Joel sets one of the pontoons.

Their goal now is to make it far enough South, to catch the West-heading currents towards Hawaii. The arrows on this map show these Hawaii taxi currents - the arrows angling gently towards Hawaii, a few tiny dots far to the west....

Though the winds are blowing East, Marcus said Joel's sail configuration allowed them to push a bit West while heading South. Keep it up Joel!

Standby for words and images from JUNK tomorrow.


Barkley said...

Joel no Puking!

Captain Moore said...

Glad the Cortez is behind you. Please post your noon positions on the blog with course and speed.

ldrobb said...

GREAT news that you're making progress! Thanks for posting the map illustrating ocean currents ... it really helps visualize the intended path to Hawaii. Stay safe!


Anonymous said...

keep those lunches inside