Sunday, June 22, 2008

Todays menu: Rudderfish

June 22, 2008

We’re beginning to feel wind coming from the north. We can sail 90 degrees off of the wind and head west, just in time to hopefully scoot around Guadalupe Island 65 miles away. South from there we enter the tradewinds, where wind and currents are more predictable.

We’ve made the most of these last four days of sunny stagnation. Joel found a short circuit in the electronics. I made three more mini-pontoons and placed them under the raft. But yesterday morning we awoke to a fresh sight, FISH!

By noon three were flopping on deck. Joel whipped up a mean curry with coconut milk. I strung up a filet for drying. I’m sending a photo of the fish we caught. Can anyone tell us what it is? We’re calling it a Rudder Fish. Later in the day we spied two Flying Fish hanging out below, and a large mackerel darting at the sardine-like schools that mill about.

Joel and I are getting along well. We’ve settled into a pattern of sleep offset by 6 hours. He stays awake late, and I get up early. It works well so far. It’s now 8am so he’s sleeping and I’m typing. The sails are full, with wind on our beam. We’re heading southwest at the moment. Till next time.


Barbara said...

Way to go!

We lived in Puerto Aventuras, Mexico and watched 'Richie Sousa' build 'Spiral Island' out of plastic bottles, etc.
It was an amazing thing. In the end it was self sustaining.. growing food, sustaining animals, making water, etc.

I applaud you and wish you fiar winds and safe passage.

gracie said...

Did Marcus ever finish the art project he was working on?

David Gaudin said...

Anna, hey it's Dave. Please tell Mark that Aunt Iris from Iceland is in Skjern,Denmark and saw Mark on TV having an interview. So he's reaching the world. Pretty Cool...

Anonymous said...

Good job bringing attention to one one of the most disturbing environmental and social problems we're facing. It's an incredible journey you're on and I wish you well.

Here are various other names for that rudderfish you've been seeing:
Nenue (hawaiian)
Sea Chub

Alright, see you out here on Maui in a month or two. Aloha!

Anonymous said...

In CA we call that a half moon. Medialuna californiensis.

I'm enjoying following along, stay safe out there.