Friday, June 13, 2008

Junk Under Sail: Log #1

First trip account from JUNK: Marcus and Joel coming to you live from the Pacific, on 15,000 plastic bottles.


Sean Belk said...

Hi guys, hope the winds will pick up soon on your journey. Nice to see your first video. Question: will the ocean currents help push you west at this point?

Sean Belk
Long Beach

David Gaudin said...

Hey bro hang in there. Glad to see the vid. I can only imagine what it must be like out there 24/7. We're all behind you both 100%.
Good sailing.

Kim Gaudin said...

Greetings to my brother in law and mate!!! I have been following your journey on your blog. I am amazed at your courage and devotion. We also wanted to thank you and Anna for the water bottles. We have become so much more aware of what we use now thanks to you. We are now thinking GREENER. Good luck, we are on board via your blog, Love yo sista in law, Kim, David says hello again!!

Rick Hart said...

Hi guys,
Thanks for the update. I was out in the Santa Barbara Channel this afternoon and I can tell you the wind was up there!. Hope it makes it out to you guys.

Save Sailing.

All My best,
Rick Hart

Anna said...

Thanks for checking in. Passed your question on, meantime: the current post has a diagram of the currents - the winds are pushing them South, and even blowing East, but they are able to rig the sails to push West. And head towards the West flowing currents.....Thats the hope in any event. Stay tuned!

Anna said...

(From Marcus)Dave and Kim,

I'm glad you like the stainless steel bottles I sent you. We've got 100 more just like them on our boat. The company ECOUSABLE is making the steel bottles at a price schools can afford. This is the practical way that change can happen. You have to give the average person an alternative that they can afford. These stainless steel bottles eliminate having to buy water in plastic. They pay for themselves in days.