Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Junk Underway!

Amidst tremendous energy from a cheering throng, Junk set sail Sunday for Hawaii. We couldn't have asked for a more perfect send off - a wonderful crowd of friends, supporters, and media showed up to wish the journey well.

©Peter Bennett/Ambient Images

©Peter Bennett/Ambient Images

After a somewhat eventfull, mildly dramatic tow to San Nicolas, we left Marcus and Joel last night, anchored down by the Island to wait out some wicked winds. Details and photos to follow.

©Peter Bennett/Ambient Images

They were both in great spirits overall, having seen Junk weather her first major test, and eager to begin sailing solo. The adventure begins.


caldabra said...

I went down to long beach for the departure ceremonies. I was making my way through the large crowd of people when I witnessed something very disturbing. I saw a young lady go into the plane and grab what appeared to be a grey cat. Please tell me that you guys did not subject a poor animal to potential danger at sea? If so you are undermining the positive image you wish to portray. Also what were the cases of beer for? Hopefully this isn't just some party cruise. This appears to be just a publicity stunt, and I came away from the event very disappointed.

limon1 said...

Kudos to the Junk Raft and her zealous crew! I appreciate the attention your journey will bring to plastics in the ocean. I'd say that anyone who spends six weeks at sea on a raft made of junk in order bring light to an issue that has the potential to destroy the entire marine ecosystem (not to mention pose a threat to human health), deserves a case of beer, wouldn't you Caldabra?

It's time for us rethink our culture of convenience; we create too much waste and exploit too many resources to produce frivolous, one time use items. It's time to make some postive changes on our planet and it is a shame to hear such negative energy toward this project!

All the best to you both!

jenny said...

I STRONGLY agree with limon1