Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Junk has a visit from the Sundiver 2

News from JUNK - late in posting, as I returned late last night from the mission below. Photos will follow tomorrow, but story here lest anyone worry about the quiet blog.

After discovering the ocean-unscrewing-Nalgene effect, Marcus and Joel decided to seal all 1,000 bottles tight, and then refashion them into 18 mini-pontoons before heading to sea. We thought we'd save them a week of work, and join them for a bottle sealing/pontoon-making work party.

So with the incredible help of Ray and Kyaa from Sundiver 2, 6 of us headed out to Junk 3:00 a.m Monday morning. Thanks to the very speedy Sundiver, we arrived at daybreak. On board: Nicole Chatterson, Jeffrey Ernst, Duane Laursen and myself from Algalita, and Josh Steiner and Bryan Lui from Ocean Detox. All were ready to roll up their sleeves and get salty.


From Marcus:
From Dawn till dusk, we worked our hands to the bones. Joel and I were so incredibly grateful for the extra hands - this saved us a ton of time, and we're anxious to get going. We saw some more strange things - in one, a bottle had been unscrewed, a smaller bottle cap drifted inside of it, then the sea screwed that cap back on.

With a half hour to spare before dark, the job was done. JUNK is more buoyant than ever, and ready to sail. As the sun began to set, the team boarded the Sundiver leaving Joel and I alone on JUNK, like they did 6 days ago. Anna and I held hands until the boats pulled us apart.

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