Friday, June 6, 2008

Lightening the load in San Nicolas

Things that came home from San Nicolas: books, bangles, beer, and even a bunny.

After a night at San Nicholas Island Marcus and Joel finally got the chance to survey the excessive number of last minute items friends donated at the departure.

The pronouncement: Junk needed to lose some weight.

Turns out a lot of the well intended gifts exceeded the bare necessities criteria. So they offloaded a number of things onto our friend Jody's boat, including some books that would never get read, a cooler full of cheese and ice, a bunch of knick knacks, a twelve pack of beer a jovial friend had offered up at the last minute, an electric tea set, and even Joel's pet bunny which he had innocently brought along without thinking through the extent to which the high seas might not be bunny-friendly.

The net result is a leaner, cleaner and tighter ship, ready for the high seas.

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