Thursday, June 12, 2008

Photos from mission Nalgene Bottle

As promised, some images from Monday's bottle-sealing mission. All 8 of us worked steadily to get the job done, and now Junk is under sail, waiting for the winds to blow her West.

1: Sealing and bundling bottles:

2: Stringing Nalgene bundles into mini-pontoons:

3) Wrapping mini-pontoons in netting, and stitching tight w/ rope:

4: One by one, saddling pontoons w/ dive weights, sinking under JUNK, and lashing them to the raft - Ray and Kyaa survey the work done, and the work that remains:

And finally, bidding JUNK adieu yet again. She is currently caught in a tug of war - yesterday sailing 30 miles Southwest, and today getting pushed right back where she started. I hear Captain Moore's words loud and clear: "Sailboats don't have ETAs, they have destinations...."

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